Pilgrimage to Sacred Land of Guru Rinpoche & Yeshe Tsogyal in Central Tibet
& Three-Day Mt. Kailash Circumambulation

12 & 19-Day Options
June 23 - July 11, 2019

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1. Please read this document very carefully. When you're ready to proceed, please submit the online application.

 2. International Travel Dates: The pilgrimage starts and ends in Chengdu, China (airport code (CTU). To explore your flight options, go to skyscanner.com. This will give you an overview of itineraries, flight times and cost. Sangha Journeys is happy to review your choice before you purchase to make sure the dates and connection times will work.

 We will meet at the Buddhazen hotel, but you are free to book accommodations elsewhere in Chengdu. We recommend agoda.com for hotel reservations. Usually it’s free to book with no cancellation fee within 24 hours.

  You must arrive in Chengdu no later than June 21, preferably early in the day so you can rest for two days before leaving for Lhasa. If coming from the USA, this usually means leaving the USA June 19 because crossing the international date line, you lose a day.

 If you are on the 12-day option, you will arrive back in Chengdu July 4 in the late afternoon and can book your exit flight as soon as the next day, July 5. Your overnight lodging at a Chengdu airport hotel or elsewhere and transportation to and from the airport are your own responsibility, but Sangha Journeys can help you make good arrangements.

 If you are on the 19-day option you will return to Chengdu July 11 in the late afternoon and can book your exit flight as early as the next day, July 12.

 3. How to join: complete the online application. When you have submitted it, you will be contacted by email within two business days. If you have never met Lama Dechen Yeshe Wangmo, a video chat meeting will be scheduled.

 4. After your application is accepted, a deposit is required to secure your space. For the deposit amount, please see item #10 below.

 5. With your confirmation of space email, you will receive instructions to log in to a platform where you can access health and travel guidelines, currency and insurance information, a packing list, and instructions on procuring a China visa if you do not already have a valid China visa. The login platform also includes a Q&A discussion forum with Lama who is also available to you by video chat, email and phone.

 6. Regarding the China visa, processing your application requires the purchase of international airfares and hotel reservations. Hotel reservation through Agoda and similar agents do not require advance payment, but international flights do. Sangha Journeys will supply you with the information necessary to ensure that your vis application is successful. Please do not proceed with your China visa on your own unless you have prior experience. If you make an error and are denied, there might not be time to fix the problem.

 7. Domestic flights: Sangha Journeys will book your domestic flights from Chengdu to Lhasa and Shigatse to Chengdu. The cost varies but you should budget for about $450USD. These flights will be purchased around May 20 at which time you will receive a flight confirmation and be invoiced for the exact cost of the tickets which are payable to Jnanasukha Foundation (dba) Sangha Journeys immediately.

 8. If the pilgrimage is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances in Tibet, your deposit or total payment and single supplement (if applicable) will be refunded 100%. Cancelling and refunding international flights will be your responsibility. Refunds for your domestic flights (Chengdu-Lhasa-Shigatse-Chengdu) cannot be determined in advance but you can expect to pay a penalty for the cancellation.

 9. If you want to cancel your pilgrimage, please inform Sangha Journeys by email. You will be fully refunded when and if your space can be filled.

 Cancellations received when it is too late to fill your space, are not refundable.

 Sangha Journeys regrets we cannot be more flexible with last-minute refunds, even in the case of illness or death in the family.

 10. Trip Fee

 For 12 days (excluding Kailash): USD$1,565 for shared (double) lodgings. The upgrade for single lodgings is an additional USD$290. If it turns out that no one is available to room with you, you will have to cover the cost for single accommodations. $700USD deposit wills secure your space. The balance is due May 20, 2019.

 For 19 days (including Kailash): an additional USD$1,560 for shared (double) lodgings. The upgrade for single lodgings is an additional USD$430. If it turns out that no one is available to room with you, you will have to cover the cost for single accommodations. The balance is due May 20, 2019.

 The deposit amount for 12 days is USD$500.

The deposit amount for 19 days is $1,000.

 Payments are payable to "Jnanasukha Foundation" by check in USD or via PayPal with an additional 3% surcharge to cover processing fees. PayPal is a convenient means of currency conversion if you do not have access to USD. Sangha Journeys can process credit cards over the phone. Your space is not guaranteed until your deposit has processed and you have received an email confirmation from Sangha Journeys.

 Please note: the Kailash segment will only confirm once Sangha Journeys there are six bookings; otherwise, it will be cancelled.

 11) The inclusions with your trip fee are:

·       Tibet Travel Permit (This is a group permit delivered to Sangha Journeys in Chengdu, so we can board the plane to Lhasa.)

·       Airport transfers in Tibet

·       Overland transportation (chartered bus, and/or minivan) in Tibet

·       Hotel and Guest House accommodations in Tibet, inclusive of breakfasts                            

·       Services of Sangha Journeys (before and during the pilgrimage) as well as those of our professional guide(s) and any entrance fees in Tibet

 12) The exclusions are:

·       China Visa costs                                                                                             

·       Return flight Chengdu-Lhasa-Chengdu (approx. $450USD but could be higher or lower)

·       International flights to Chengdu, China

·       Hotel and airport transfers in Chengdu

·       Gratuities for Tibet staff (your driver and guide)                                                      

·       Lunch and dinner in Tibet (US$300 is a fair estimate)

·       Excess baggage charges on Chengdu-Lhasa-Chengdu flights

·       Personal expenses—bottled water, laundry, internet, personal offerings at sacred sites.

 13) If you are going to Kailash, you have the option of hiring a porter for about $92USD for the three-day circumambulation or a small Tibetan horse and horseperson who will hold the reigns and guide the horse for about $250USD for three days. These prices are set by the Government. They are excessive but there’s no workaround. You can decide to hire a porter or a horse the day before the circumambulation starts but you must be ready to pay in cash.

 14. Responsibility Clause: Jnanasukha Foundation & Sangha Journeys act solely as agents for our Lhasa travel partner, Road to Tibet Travel. We are not responsible or liable for problems arising in transportation, itinerary changes or hotel arrangements in Tibet beyond our control, nor for any loss, injury or damage to your person or property, nor for any delays in transportation. We reserve the right to cancel the trip or any part of it, to alter the itinerary if necessary or desirable, to refuse to retain any trip member at any time, and to pass on to trip members any unexpected expenses incurred through delays or events beyond our control.