2018 Pilgrimage Scholarship Application Form

A generous benefactor of Jnanasukha Foundation has offered $1,000 for a scholarship to support a pilgrim on our Eastern Tibet Pilgrimage in July.

Pilgrimage offers the opportunity to make deep connections with the sacred places and masters of Tibet, yet can be financially out of reach.

The person I have in mind for this scholarship has significant experience in the study and practice of Vajrayana, for example at least completion or near completion of the foundational practices (ngondro).

If you would like to join the Kham-Amdo-Golok Pilgrimage with assistance from this scholarship, please submit this online application. In return, we will contact you within 24 hours to take the next step. 

Thank you. Lama Dechen Yeshe Wangmo, Founder

Before starting the application form, please read the Info & Terms of Service.

I have read and understood the Info & Terms of Service for joining the Eastern Tibet Pilgrimage, and I'm aware that this scholarship covers $1,000 of the $3,157 trip fee and that I responsible for the remainder and all other costs associated with pilgrimage *
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