Thriving On The Path Of Pilgrimage

2017 Pilgrims in Lhasa.

2017 Pilgrims in Lhasa.


Say, "Yes to pilgrimage!"

When we're called to go on pilgrimage, I've noticed an interesting thing happens. First, we make the decision. Depending on circumstances, this can be instantaneous or, it can take some time. Sometimes, our life gently or dramatically unfolds so that we can see clearly, Yes, this is the thing to do! At that point, pilgrimage begins. The moment we say, "Yes," every dimension of life begins aligning with our decision and the momentum needed to prepare and go on the pilgrimage accelerates.

Pilgrimage unfolds in different ways.

At times, pilgrimage can be deep and profoundly moving but it can also be hair-raising and intensely challenging. I remember hearing Lama Yeshe Wangmo say, "When you step off the plane in Lhasa, your karma meets Tibet and then all bets are off."

    Everyone who goes on pilgrimage to Tibet probably has a deep karmic connection with Tibet. With three pilgrimages under my belt, it's increasingly clear that much of my personal karma is closely interwoven with Tibet. There's definitely a vital part of myself that never leaves Tibet even though my body returns home.

    It's a homecoming!

    During pilgrimage, we are immersed 24/7 in a world of sacred art and magnificent landscapes. We are spellbound by the display of temples, stupas, statues and the culture of the Tibetan people. We are physically in the same places once inhabited by our holy gurus. It's like the greatest imaginable "homecoming"! The blessings of Tibet imprint themselves onto our mind, heart and subtle body, transforming us into living embodiments of Dharma.


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    Dechen Steele, Sangha Journeys Manager and Trip Laeader

    Dechen Steele, Sangha Journeys Manager and Trip Laeader