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The Return of Dodrupchen Rinpoche to Tibet: What A Blessing!

Our 2018 Eastern Tibet Pilgrimage to Kham-Amdo-Golok will feature a visit to an important Longchen Nying Thik site, Dodrupchen Sanctuary and Monastery in Golok. Founded in 1862 by the heart-student of Jigme Lingpa known as Dodrupchen Jikmé Puntsok Jungné, Dodrupchen is now overseen by one of the most accomplished Dzogchen masters on Earth. 

Kyabjé Dodrupchen Rinpoche, aka Jikmé Trinlé Palbar, was born in Golok in 1927. He fled Tibet for Sikkim in 1957. Today, he continues to oversee the well-being and development of his Tibet community of 400 monks. In 2017, Rinpoche was able to visit Dodrupchen. Please enjoy this video of Rinpoche bestowing blessings during his joyful homecoming last year.

What a privilege for us to visit this blessed place!

Timeless Barkhor, Lhasa

This video was taken near the Jokhang Temple in the Barkhor District of Lhasa in September, 2015.

The people walking past are doing circumambulations around the temple as others do prostrations near the building. While it doesn’t represent the size of the Jokhang, the video gives you an idea of the people you’ll see there, continuing these longstanding devotional practices. —Genevieve Legacy with Sangha Journeys. —Genevieve Legacy

Ten Days in Tibet

4-minute film by Dwayne Koh in Central Tibet (TAR) 2014. Lhasa, Yarlung Valley, Yamdrok Turquoise Lake and Gyantse. "A trip everyone should try to make at least once in their lifetime." Camera: black magic pocket cinema camera on a iglide/glidecam | Canon 5Dmark III Lenses: Kowa 8/1.4, Zesis 50/1.4, Sigma 70-200/2.8 Music : M83: outro.