Preparing Your Body for Pilgrimage


A pilgrimage presents opportunities to create strength, both in practice and in the body. Good health can be cultivated in the months leading up to your trip which will be beneficial to your pilgrimage experience.

Here are some tips to create optimum physical conditions for your journey:

  • Take vitamins regularly and try to avoid illness in the weeks before entering Tibet.
  • Make sure you get plenty of rest and sleep before your trip.
  • Hydrate yourself heavily before arriving in Tibet.
  • Avoid tobacco and alcohol before and during your journey.
  • Before you go and while you are there, consume small, high carbohydrate meals for more energy. 
  • Exercise regularly in the months before your pilgrimage, especially pay attention to cardio.
  • Talk with your doctor about altitude sickness prevention and treatment, blood pressure regulation, and heart health.

Preparing your body for Tibet is an exercise in self-care. Paying good attention to your well-being, however that works for you, will help you be ready for the circumstances you might encounter on your sacred sangha journey. However, even more than the body, be sure to prepare your mind.

Level of Difficulty in 2018:

Central Tibet & Kailash: The three-day circumambulation of Kailash is considered difficult. However, once you reach Darchen, you can hire a horse and horseperson or a porter to carry your stuff.

Easter Tibetan (Kham, Amdo and Golok): there are no strenuous hikes

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