Choosing the Right Footwear for Tibet


During your Sangha Journeys pilgrimage to Tibet, you will encounter a variety of different walking conditions, from paved city streets to rocky rough paths. Sangha Journeys pilgrimages are typically not physically strenuous, but you will be encountering different types of terrain and weather, so it's a good idea to be prepared with the right footwear to support your comfort and safety.

The ideal walking shoe for Tibet will feature a comfortable, non-slip sole, a cushioned foot bed, and reliable laces or straps to keep shoes securely on your feet even if we encounter mud. If you purchase new shoes for your trip, please walk in them for several weeks or even months before you travel so that you are familiar with them, and so that they are well broken-in.

You will also want to bring several pairs of clean socks that have a cushioned sole, or that will wick away moisture, in case we encounter rain. Spraying your shoes with a layer of waterproofing is not a bad idea, either, as June through September can be rainy. If your feet are prone to dryness, make sure to bring a nourishing lotion to use at night, since high altitude can exacerbate dry skin.

As you are walking through Tibet in your own comfortable shoes or sneakers, be sure to check out the beauty of the local footwear, too!

tibetan shoes.jpg
EducationalYeshe Matthews