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Visiting Tsogyal Latso was a highlight of my life. The deep meaning and truth of this sacred sight is a wonder of this world. Please do yourself a favor. Visit this sacred place!
— Mukara Meredith 2010.

Tsogyal Latso, on the north shore of the Tsangpo-Brahmaputra River in southern Tibet, is the birthplace of Khandro Yeshe Tsogyal, an enlightened female buddha of the 8th century. It is cradled in a valley which legend honors as the abode of Vajra Varahi and Saraswati.

Yeshe Tsogyal is revered as the mother of Tibetan Buddhism and as an emanation of Saraswati. Her birthplace is best known for her lifeforce lake or latso that spontaneously arose at her birth and still exists today. Over the centuries it became a visionary lake and continues into the present as unique pilgrimage destination of the enlightened feminine.

Nearby, one finds the Tsogyal breast-milk springs, the life-force tree that nourished her as a baby, and a contemporary enlightenment stupa marking her actual birthplace.

Today, there is a community of sixteen nuns at Tsogyal Latso. Last year, they built a much-needed temple, beautified the landscape, and expanded the facilities. Since 2009, Jnanasukha Foundation has supported the nuns and their projects.

Visiting Tsogyal Latso and the nuns is a deeply nourishing and relaxing experience as we discover our connection with this sacred ecology and get to know the nuns.

The sacred birthplace of the Lady Tsoygal has retained a spacious peace and purity. The green grass greener, sky even bluer, the structures of the nunnery and holy relics humble and yet illumined, the shrine and lake, stupa and humble abodes of the people all made me feel like I could actually live there. The nuns and villagers have cared for this holy place as best they could and welcomed us as family.
— Yeshe Palmo 2009.

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Zabbulung is the most revered power place of Western Tibet. Guru Rinpoche himself taught that Zabbulung is meaningful to see, hear about, think of, and touch. Although it's impossible to calculate the positive effects of doing spiritual practice there, one can should understand that meditative concentration will be enhanced, positive conditions for enlightenment will manifest, and wealth and good fortune will increase.

The Wheel of Mahayana Dharma was turned there, numerous assemblies of Secret Mantra deities dwell there, and the buddhas of the three times continue to watch over and bless this valley. With mountains shaped like stupas, this is where Khandro Yeshe Tsogyal and her consort Acharya Sale attained the supreme transformation of the rainbow body.

The valley was consecrated by Guru Rinpoche as one of five most important valleys for spiritual practice in Tibet. There are several monasteries and householder communities scattered throughout the area. At the main temple, one can enter the extraordinary hands-in-prayer-mudra cave where Yeshe Tsogyal and Atsara Sale attained the rainbow body. Throughout history, several masters have undergone profound spiritual experiences here such as Dorje Lingpa (1346-1405) and Lhatsun Namka Jigme (b 1597). Currently there are about sixty yogis the main temple.

Since 2015, Jnanasukha Foundation has supported the activities of Zabtrul Drupwang Pema Lhundrup Gyatso Rinpoche through donations and translations.

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