Buddhist Pilgrimages to Tibet

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2018 Pilgrimages


nyingma holy sites in kham, amdo & Golok
July 22 - AUGUST 5, 2018 (15 Days)

JULY 22: Guru Day, drive Chengdu to Barkham
JULY 23: Barkham, Vairocana cave
JULY 24: Jowo Statue, Namda town home-stay
JULY 25: Dodrupchen Monastery, Namda town home-stay
JULY 26: Tashi Gomang Monastery, Namda town
JULY 27: Full Moon, Amitabha & Kalachakra Day, Nyenpo Yutse, Padma town
JULY 28: Darthang Monastery, Dzamthag town
JULY 29: Kangze town
JULY 30: Dzongsar Monastery
JULY 31: Pema Shelpuk & Rongmo Karmo Tiger's Nest
AUGUST 1: Yilung Latso, Manigango
AUGUST 2: Dzogchen Monastery
AUGUST 3: Dzogchen Monastery and mountain heritages
AUGUST 4: Kilung Monastery and Yushu
AUGUST 5: Late afternoon flight to Chengdu


awakening through pilgrimage

Lord Buddha Shakyamuni, Padmasambhava, the Greeks, Mayans, Jesus, and Mohammad have all praised the transformative power of pilgrimage journeys. In Buddhism, it is an excellent method of purification and illumination. For Western Buddhists, pilgrimage is particularly important because not living in a Buddhist culture, we are in danger of developing a mere intellectual grasp of Dharma rather than absorbing it as a way of life leading to authentic illumination.

Pilgrimage is an inner journey of advancement initiated by an outer journey. Through interdependence, one purifies the unwholesome and increases the stores of merit, and ultimately, realizes the true pure land of enlightened mind. These benefits are not only personal. They are universal and benefit all beings.



Pilgrimage undertaken with dedicated exertion purifies negative karma and kleshas.
Pilgrimage accompanied by offerings and prayers leads to wishes fulfilled.
Pilgrimage accompanied by tantric discipline brings the attainment of stable great bliss.
Pilgrimage accompanied by non-conceptual meditation fosters the attainment of supreme accomplishment.


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