Buddhist Pilgrimages to Tibet


Our 2019 Pilgrimage to Central Tibet (TAR) will be announced October 1.


awakening through pilgrimage

Lord Buddha Shakyamuni, Padmasambhava, the Greeks, Mayans, Jesus, and Mohammad have all praised the transformative power of pilgrimage journeys. In Buddhism, it is an excellent method of purification and illumination. For Western Buddhists, pilgrimage is particularly important because not living in a Buddhist culture, we are in danger of developing a mere intellectual grasp of Dharma rather than absorbing it as a way of life leading to authentic illumination.




FINDING MANJUSHRI is an award-winning short film about a Tibetan fable of a monk who goes on a life-changing journey to Wutai Shan. The film is in Tibetan with English subtitles.  


Pilgrimage undertaken with dedicated exertion purifies negative karma and kleshas.

Pilgrimage accompanied by offerings and prayers leads to wishes fulfilled.

Pilgrimage accompanied by tantric discipline brings the attainment of stable great bliss.

Pilgrimage accompanied by non-conceptual meditation fosters the attainment of supreme accomplishment.


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